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Who Is Zarine Katrak? A Simple Short Biography By Pollytoo

Zarine Katrak Biography:

In this article, we are discussing about the Zarine Katrak Biography, Age, Family, Wiki, Career, Husband, Lifestyle & More. All details have been updated below. Let’s check,

Zarine Katrak is an actress and costume designer, known for contributions in movies like Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963) and Ek Phool Do Mali (1969).

Full Name: Zarine Katrak Khan

Age: 72 Years Old (2019)

Birth Place: Mumbai, India

Zarine Katrak Husband: Sanjay Khan

Daughter: Simone Arora, Farah Khan Ali, Sussanne Khan

Son: Zayed Khan

Zarine Katrak Family

Zarine Katrak

Married to a well-known actor, producer, director in Hindi cinema and television, Abbas Khan (also called as Sanjay Khan).

They have three daughters and a son, elder daughter Farah Khan Ali married to DJ Aqeel, second daughter Simone Khan married to Ajay Arora they own D’décor, his youngest daughter Suzanne Roshan ex-wife of actor Hrithik Roshan and son an actor Zayed Khan married to Mallika.

The actress is Sister in law of  Feroz Khan, Akbar Khan, Sameer Khan and also Aunt to actor Fardeen Khan.

Zarine Katrak Wiki | Bio

Zarine Katrak Khan was born in a Parsi family in Mumbai, India in the year 1947.

Zarine Katrak

When Zarine Katrak was just 14 years old and in the 9th standard, a family of Pathan brothers shifted to their neighborhood in Jassawala Wadi in Juhu. They were all dashing brothers named Feroz, Sanjay, Sameer, Shahrukh. Zarine describes in one of her interviews that ‘ One morning I had gone to the beach for a walk with my friend. I saw Abbas (Sanjay’s real name) walking along the shoreline ahead of us. As if by telepathy he turned around and wrote something on the sand with a stick.

We hurried to read it’. He had written ‘Hi!’ My friend picked up a stick and wrote another ‘Hi!’ next to it. When we were walking back home, I heard this deep voice behind us, ‘Hi! Can I join you?’ My friend said, ‘Sure’. Later, after she had left, he asked me, ‘Will you have coffee with me in the evening?’ I just nodded.”

Along with this Zarine also recalled her first date with Sanjay. She described that it was sunset time when she saw Sanjay standing on the beach in a white shirt and white trouser, Kolhapuri chappals and a book by Tolstoy in his hand.

Zarine Katrak

And there was she, sun-tanned, in an off-shoulder blouse and a three-tiered skirt.  She added, Sanjay was 18 and she was 12 at that time. As they walked together Sanjay told her about his life story, which mesmerized her completely.

The very next day Sanjay proposed her to which she replied in a very clever manner saying him that, if she has feelings for him even after a year she will definitely agree for his proposal. On hearing this, Sanjay was quite impressed by her and resolved that he has to make Zarine his girl.

Zarine had begun to model and was touted to be the next Miss India. Persis Khambatta (supermodel/fashionista) even wanted to take Zarine to London on a two-year contract.

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Zarine Katrak

But her boyfriend (Sanjay) was so possessive, he said ‘Either you go to London or stay with me’. On the note of this Zarine, chose to be with him and was glad to make the decision. Zarine gave up modeling at 17. The young couple had begun living in a modest flat where they had to pay Rs 400 as rent. As Rs 400 was a huge amount for the young couple to afford at that time so, they decided to sublet it to Balraj Sahani’s cousin who paid Rs 250. To this, the actress often reacts in a funny way saying, “ We had only one fan, which we shared between us”.

Zarine Katrak

Their rented flat proved really lucky to them. Soon Abbas began signing films. He bagged Satyen Bose’s Dosti and Chetan Anand’s Haqeeqat in the early ’60s. Both were silver jubilees and Abbas came to be known as the silver jubilee star.”

The couple got married on April 16, 1966, and went on to have three daughters Farah, Simone and Sussanne.


Zarine Katrak

But when Zarine was pregnant with son Zayed Khan, (actor; who was raised as a Muslim, is the youngest of four children and the only son of his parents) during the late ’70s, she had to face the unimaginable and unwanted nightmares of her lifetime.

Rumors of Sanjay’s affair with his heroine of Abdullah (1980), Zeenat Aman, filtered home and the whole place. It all came as a shock. Zarine after this incident, went through much emotional turmoil when she was carrying Zayed.

Zarine Katrak

But the actress had self-confidence. She’d wear six inches heels in the ninth month of her pregnancy just to be stylish, just to keep up a brave front though she was heartbroken. It was then, she took to interior designing.

To prevent her home from breaking apart; she reveals, “I threw a tantrum and gave him an ultimatum that I had to walk out. That was when things returned to normalcy.

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Zarine Katrak

It all went away just as ‘a mad wind’ that blew over. However, the tempestuous saga ended immediately after the reported violent an altercation between Sanjay and Zeenat at a five-star hotel.

The media was unfair to Sanjay, according to Zarine. She said that They unnecessarily attacked Abbas. They made him out to be the evil one. I” she defends Sanjay adding gently, “Now, looking back, I feel so bad. I even said hello to her (Zeenat). Today she’s happy, I am happy, life has moved on, it’s over!”

Another Obstacle:

Zarine Katrak

While this storm eventually subsided, there was yet another trial by the fire waiting for the family. It seemed as if the happily ever after the family has been cursed by someone. One after the other, the family had to face more difficult times.

On February 8, 1989, while Sanjay was shooting for the mega serial, The Sword of Tipu Sultan, a fire broke out in Premier Studios, Mysore. Sanjay suffered 65 percent burns in the accident. The doctor told the family that, ‘He’s got just 10 percent chance of survival’.

Zarine’s world had shattered. She went into the room and saw that this once good-looking man had turned into someone black and bloated. But she kept herself strong and gave strength to him. Zarine says that it was possible just because of her patron saint, Sai Baba of Shirdi who helped Sanjay pull through the 13 months of hospitalization and 72 surgeries.

Zarine Talks About Daughter Sussanne:

Zarine Katrak

Zarine has always been a role model for her daughters, especially Sussanne Roshan who’s married to superstar Hrithik Roshan.

When Sussanne was at her ugliest worst with her two front teeth protruding, a young Duggu (Hrithik Roshan) had told his friends, ‘She’s the girl I’ll marry’. He is been with Sussanne from the days he had a stutter and never imagined being a star.

She was the one who pushed him and guided him, they have grown together.” Zarine is confident that they are made for each other. “When Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai, had not released, Sussanne pledged a vow of abstaining from sweets for Hrithik’s success.

Zarine Katrak

Hrithik honored his commitment to her and married her soon after the release. Duggu depends on Susi solely. A wild wind may come and go, but it will never blow their home away.”

The divorce between Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan had no bearing on the bond that Zarine Khan, mother of the interior decoration expert, shares with the Bollywood actor. She says they are still “mother” and “son” to each other.

Hrithik and Sussanne split in 2014 after a 17-year relationship, but the “Bang Bang” star still promoted the launch of a book by Zarine, on Twitter. He even called her “mom”.

Sussanne Khan

Zarine shares the same feeling for Hrithik, who has 2 sons with Sussanne. “We have been friends since years. he is the father of my grandchildren and we ar bonded for life,” the wife of veteran actor Sanjay Khan and also mother of actor-producer Zayed Khan, jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali and entrepreneur Simone Arora, told IANS in an interview.

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