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Steve Jobs Biography, Death, Net Worth, Wife, Book, Quotes & More

Steve Jobs Biography

In this article we are discussing about the Steve Jobs Biography, Death, Net Worth, Wife, Book, Quotes & More, details have been updated below. Let’s check,

Full Name – Steven Paul Jobs

Born – February 24, 1955

Death – October 5, 2011

Wife – Laurene Powell

Steve Jobs Biography: Steve Jobs was an American business merchant and stockholder.

He was the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of Apple Inc., chairman and mass shareholder of  Pixar, a member of The Walt Disney Company & board of directors following its accession of Pixar and the creator, chairman, and CEO of NeXT.

Steve is widely identified as a trailblazer of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s,
along with the Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs Wiki | Bio

Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1995 in San Francisco, California and put up for the adoption. He was raised in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

He attended Reed College in the year 1972 before dropping out that same year. He traveled all around India in 1974 seeking information and learning Zen Buddhism.

His publicized FBI the report states that he used marijuana and LSD while he was in college and once he told a reporter that consuming LSD was one of the two or three most essential things he had done in his entire life.

Jobs and Wozniak co-founded Apple in the year 1976 to sell Wozniak Apple I personal computer. Together the yoke gained stardom and prosperity a year later with the Apple II, one of the first exceedingly successful mass-produced personal computers.

Jobs saw the merchandising perspective of the Xerox Alto in 1979, which was a mouse-driven software and had a graphics user interface (GUI). This led to the evolution of the unsuccessful Apple Lisa in 1983, followed by the revolution Macintosh in 1984, the first mass-produced computer with a GUI.

The Macintosh launched the desktop publishing industry in 1985 with the inclusion of the Apple Laser Writer, the first laser printer to feature vector graphics. Jobs was forced out of Apple in 1985 after a long power scuffle with the company board and its CEO John Sculley then.

That very year, Jobs took a few Apple members with him to discover NeXT, a computer platform development company that is specialized in computers for higher education and business marketing.

In addition to that, he assisted in headway the visual effects industry when he founded the computer graphics section of George Lucas Lucas film in 1986.

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The new company was Pixar, which created the first 3D computer-animated film Toy Story (1995). Apple integrated with NeXT in 1997, and Jobs became CEO of his erstwhile company within a few months.

He was chiefly responsible for helping reinvigorate Apple, which had been at the brink of bankruptcy. He worked in close association with designer Jony Ive to develop a line of products that had larger cultural consequences, initiating in 1997 with the Think different broadcasting campaign and leading to the iMac, iTunes, Apple Store, iPod, iPhone, Apps Store, and the iPad.

In 2001, the authentic Mac OS was replaced with a completely new Mac OS X, based on the NeXT NeXT STEP platform, giving the OS a modern Unix-based foundation for the first time.

Jobs was diagnosed with a  neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas in 2003. He died of respiratory arrest due to the tumor at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011.

Steve Jobs Wife | Family

  • Parents: Adoptive – Paul Jobs and Clara Hagopian
  • Biological: Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble
  • Siblings: Mona Simpson and stepsister Patricia Ann Jobs
  • Marital Status: Married up to his death till the 3rd of October, 2011 to Laurene Powell (1991 – 2011)
  • Children: With Chrisann Brennan 1. Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs (daughter) with Laurene Powell 2. Reed Paul Jobs (son) 3. Erin Siena Jobs (daughter) 4. Eve Jobs (daughter)

Steve Jobs Achievements, Honors and Awards

  • National Medal of Technology (along with Steve Wozniak), awarded by the US President Ronald Reagan, 1985
  • Jefferson Award for Public Service, 1987
  • Entrepreneur of the Decade by Inc. magazine, 1989
  • Howard Vollum Award from Reed College, 1991
  • Named the most powerful person in business by Fortune magazine, 2007
  • Inducted into the California Hall of Fame, located at The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts, 2007
  • Grammy Trustees Award, an award for those who have influenced the music industry in areas unrelated to performance, 2012
  • Posthumously inducted as a Disney Legend, 2013
  • Steve Theatre opens at Apple Park, 2017

Steve Jobs Quotes

Steve Jobs Quotes Steve Jobs Quotes Steve Jobs Quotes Steve Jobs Quotes

How Rich Was Steve Jobs?

According to the Latest Reports of Pollytoo & Wikipedia, Steve Jobs Net Worth 2019 was around $10.2 billion.

Steve Jobs Facebook: CLICK HERE

Steve Jobs Books, Film, and Theatre

Steve Jobs is the gist of a number of books and films.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve Job eldest daughter, described Jobs in her account as cruel and embellished patterns of cruel behaviors during her adolescent years.

She further stipulated that his business successes enabled his merciless behaviors and abuses.

Steve Jobs Images

Steve Jobs images Steve Jobs images Steve Jobs images

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