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Who Is Kristen Tomassi? A Simple Short Biography By Pollytoo

Kristen Tomassi Biography

In this article we are discussing about the Kristen Tomassi, details have been updated below. Let’s check,

Name – Kristen Tomassi.

Date of Birth – Born in 1952 ( As of 2019 )

Age – She is around 67 years old.

Birthplace – United States.

Kristen Tomassi Wiki | Bio

Kristen Tomassi was the wife of Richard Branson. Kristen is an older woman with bright blonde hair and a shy smile.

She was born in 1952, She is a popular American designer and architect.

Although Kristen was from the U.S., she has lived in the U.K. for many years, as Kristen is also the ex-wife of British billionaire business Richard Branson.

Richard Branson
Richard Branson

Early Life & Family Background:

Kristen, born in 1952, grew up in an affluent family from the northeastern u.s.

Kristen’s father, Joseph Tomassi, worked for a big frozen food company named “Libby International” as the director of international marketing and development.

The position allowed him to dote on his daughter and send her to the best private schools possible.


Boarding School: Kristen began her education at the Concord Academy in Massachusetts, the school acted as a college prep school and which increased her chances to get into a good college.

College Life:

After graduating from the Concord Academy, she enrolled in Fairfield University, a private Jesuit Catholic university in Fairfield, Connecticut.

She attended the university until she found her career of choice in home design.

Architecture and Design:

After completing her graduation from Fairfield University, Kristen moved to new york and began attending the Parsons school of design, another private school.

She graduated from Parsons school of design, then moved on to focus in architecture at the Arizona State school of architecture.

Kristen Tomassi Net Worth:

According to the latest Reports of Pollytoo & Wikipedia, Kristen estimated net worth is – Under Review.

Marriage to Richard Branson:

Kristen 1st met Richard Branson when she was still in school. Richard was working on his flagship publication Student and was just beginning to launch the Virgin brand.

The young couple soon grew enamored with each other, and Tomassi moved to the united kingdom to be with him.

Branson, the man who would become Tomassi’s 1st husband, Richard Branson is very famous today, people know him as the head of the Virgin company, a conglomerate controlling companies like Virgin Mobile, Virgin Radio, Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Galactic.

A school dropout at the age of 17, Richard Branson became a self-made billionaire through his own ambitions & later became one of UK’s wealthiest men.

Tomassi married Branson in 1972 when they were very young – She was only twenty years old and he was 21 years old at that time.

Kristen Tomassi and Richard Branson


  • The couple went strong for a few years, but their relationship became strained with Branson’s busy schedule and Kristen’s restlessness.
  • Neither of them had dated other people, and they began to feel stifled.
  • Eventually, the strain led to infidelity on both sides.
  • In 1974, the couple attempted to patch up their relationship by going on a trip.
  • There, they hired a deep-sea boat but they were caught in a storm. Together, Tomassi and Branson swam to shore. The boat was ne’er seen again.
  • Though the couple manages to beat the weather storm, they were unable to survive their marital storm.
  • Kristen began a relationship with rockstar Kevin Ayers.
  • She eventually ran off with him, and the couple divorced in 1979.
  • Tomassi had one child with Kevin Ayers, a daughter & continues to live in the United Kingdom.

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